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    Epicor Mobile CRM

    Mobility is essential today, and taking advantage of the latest technologies to achieve it is too. The salesforce wants to do business through easy-to-use tools that increase their productivity and engagement.

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    Epicor-Mobile-CRM RAD | Epicor Mobile CRM

Epicor Mobile CRM

Epicor Mobile CRM is designed to implement the Epicor ERP 10 back office CRM capability optimised for Mobile devices. This is the first of a new generation of mobile applications to be developed for Epicor ERP.


Fast and Efficient

Respond to client requests in a fast and efficient way

Easy to Use

Provide your salesforce with easy-to-use tools


Mobile capability is an integral part of Epicor ERP

Anytime Anywhere

Manage the sales cycle anytime and anywhere

Eliminate Duplicates

Eliminates duplicate manual entries in disparate systems

The mobile application provides an easy-to-use interface, where the salesforce can manage the sales cycle from lead to quote. They can manage leads, customers and contacts, look at their order history, access information on competitors, cases and projects. They can also manage quotes from opportunity to order. Activity based workflow displayed including call/email logging, to do lists and appointments.

CRM-Tablet RAD | Epicor Mobile CRM

Epicor Mobile CRM Benefits

  • Customer-centric mobile CRM app
  • Improve productivity with access anywhere, anytime
  • Increase employee engagement through modern UI and UX

Epicor Mobile CRM Features

  • Manage Leads, Customers and Contacts
  • Manage Quote from Opportunity to Order
  • Activity based workflow
  • Competitors, Cases and Projects
  • Order History (Shipments etc.)
  • Available on Apple and Android

Epicor-Mobile-CRM-Phone RAD | Epicor Mobile CRM

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