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    Epicor Field Service Automation

    Enhance productivity and service operations with scheduling automation and integrated field mobility

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Epicor Field Service Automation

Connect your office and field staff with the information and processes they need to satisfy customers more efficiently. Epicor Field Service Automation (FSA) drives field productivity for individuals and crews, shrinks response times, lowers costs, improves first-time completion ratios, and increases customer satisfaction to build a competitive advantage.



Streamline decisions


Use flexible data views


Get intuitive alerts


Powerful optimisation tools


Achieve 'Zen' like efficiency

Built on modern and proven technologies, this solution is easy to use and compatible with your existing infrastructure. You can take advantage of existing IT investments, deploy with minimal training, offer your people familiar time-saving tools, and achieve a rapid return on investment (ROI) at a low total cost of ownership.

FSAMobility RAD | Epicor Field Service Automation

Integrate people and information to empower your workforce

Enhance the flow of business and technical information while connecting dispatched employees with mobile devices. Automate manual processes, share best practices and procedural checklists, and track service inventory in real time.

Seamless integration with Epicor ERP

The integration between Epicor ERP and Epicor Field Service Automation delivers a comprehensive solution across the full process life cycles. Epicor ERP serves as the main data repository covering key areas like customer, sales, and financial management. Epicor FSA manages the customer and field service operations, providing a first-class service scheduling and mobility experience.

Streamline the work order life cycle

Enable rapid-response call taking and speed work order creation, assignment, dispatch, closure, and billing. Integrated information and automated processes eliminate manual tasks and redundant data entry.

Manage contracts, warranties, and assets more efficiently

Track asset histories and automate work order generation and billing. Manage terms, rates, and timeframes.

FASScheduleBoard RAD | Epicor Field Service Automation

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