RAD Software® Ltd. is a leading UK-based provider of Epicor ERP, Ivanti Service Management and Qlik BI Tools to growth orientated businesses. RAD provides software that manages processes and understanding at every stage of a production, delivery, ordering, servicing and analysing life cycle.

RAD is committed to complying with all relevant legislation concerning environmental care and reducing its impact on the environment. In order to achieve this goal, RAD will:

  • Continuously look to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing energy use and maximising the energy efficiency of company equipment and functions.
  • Ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly and reduce waste production as a whole through prudent purchasing decisions and recycling of hardware, paper, card, metals and other disposable material.
  • Communicate our environmental policy amongst staff, suppliers, customers and shareholders and encourage best practice in relation to the environment.


This policy is a public statement of RAD’s commitment to sound environmental management and forms part of the company’s overall objective of being a responsible business.

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