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Using the support portal

The RAD customer support portal is the entry point to online support and is available for all of our customers providing on demand access to incident history at your convenience.

When you are invited to use the Support Portal you shall receive a welcome email with a brief description of the advantages of using the portal and a link to logon.

Logging on

Simply click on the link provided: https://support.rad.co.uk/HEAT

Input your username and password (provided in the welcome email) then click Login. The customer specific tailored dashboard will then be displayed.


The pie chart shows your Incidents by category and you can drill down into this by clicking on a section of the pie chart.

This allows you to review your support Incidents and possibly highlight areas that require further training.

Additionally your Open Incidents are shown on the right hand side of the dashboard.

Raise a new Incident

To raise a new Incident click on the ‘Report an Issue’ button in the top right hand corner.

Please enter as much detail of the issue as possible, as well as any steps you have already taken to resolve the issue yourself,

  • program names including where in the menu this is being called from
  • full error message
  • attach any reports and screenshots to help explain the issue
  • detail the steps needed to replicate the problem
  • have you replicated this in a test environment

Additionally your Open Incidents are shown on the right hand side of the dashboard.

History and Open Incidents

‘My Items’ at the top of the screen allows you to view all of your Incidents, current and historic. You can search them for keywords and potentially identify solutions to issues you are having without having to raise an incident.

Should you require any additional help with the online support tool then please contact RAD Support:

  0141 776 4200