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    True Partnerships

    RAD Software® are experts in managing, planning and developing implementation strategy, design and deployments for ERP, ITSM, and BI projects. It is therefore essential that we have the same level of capability with our selected partners.

    All our key partners are recognised by Gartner®

Our commitment

RAD is committed to the delivery of highly innovative and dynamic business solutions. We recognise that in order to achieve this it is necessary to combine our consultancy expertise with the best market leading technology organisations. RAD has formed strategic partnerships with a selection of key software vendors and complementary partners allowing us to deliver powerful, functionally rich and cost effective software solutions to our clients.

RAD seeks to build robust, long term relationships with our clients and partner organisations in Scotland, the wider UK and around the world. We take great pride in our partnerships to the extent that every company we choose to work with and every application we select must first undergo a rigorous evaluation process.

When considering products in particular, it is imperative that it will support a cost effective implementation and accelerate a quantifiable ROI. Furthermore, we perform detailed product assessments which rate: quality, stability, flexibility, configuration and rapid implementation capability, scalability, competitive pricing, the strategic vision of the vendor and their long term development and support commitment.

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