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Scottish Software Company Partners With American ERP Giant

Glasgow, Scotland, 20th December 2016 – Kirkintilloch based business solutions provider RAD Software Ltd have become an official partner of the Texas powerhouse, Epicor Software Corporation.

RAD Software, whom next year will celebrate 20 years of business since its formation in Milngavie in 1997, previously operated as a partner of EXEL Computer Systems plc, the software authors of EFACS before making the switch to the Epicor ERP product. Initiating the partner engagement process with Epicor in 2013, RAD have now been awarded “Gold Partnership” status, the only accredited Epicor ERP Gold Partner in Scotland.

“We were discovering from our prospects and customers, in both pre-sales and post-sale situations, that the product was fundamentally unable to provide the required fit of functionality that would allow our consultants to overcome the growth challenges our customers were having on a day to day basis” - AJ Cunningham, Managing Director of RAD on the reasoning behind making the change to Epicor.

RAD have already seen a great deal of success, both in business won and customer satisfaction as a direct result of the increase in capability that the consultancy team now have with the Epicor ERP product.

The recent publication of the “Top 10 ERP systems” report from Denver based Panorama Consulting (in which Epicor ERP ranks number one, over larger competitors such as Microsoft, IFS and SAP) comes as yet another indication that the decision to refocus the business with Epicor ERP was, as Mr Cunningham described “the obvious choice”.

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