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Our Vision

At RAD Software® we aim to be recognised within the enterprise resource planning (ERP), service management (ITSM), field service (FSM), manufacturing and business intelligence (BI) sectors as the leading provider of strategic business solutions in the world.

Our Mission

At RAD Software® we seek to empower all our clients with business processes and business solutions (ERP, ITSM, BI or FSM) needed to help them achieve and sustain new efficiencies, profit and growth. Above all, we know the true value of our work is measured purely by the success that we help our clients to achieve

Our History

Founded in 1997, RAD Software® Ltd. initially made a name for itself as a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions and implementation services for large and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies in Scotland. RAD have since grown to offer IT Service Management (ITSM), Field Service Management (FSM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to both private and public sector organisations, of all types and sizes throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A significant portion of our success is based on our ability to understand the specific needs and requirements of our business clients and offer highly tailored and configured solutions which support their goals. We take the time to develop a clear and comprehensive picture of our client’s business and operational processes before recommending the very best systems and tools needed to fulfil their objectives.

Our Approach

Winning companies from every corner of the world more often than not share similar cultures that allow their organisations to thrive in virtually any economic condition. Here at RAD, we seek to promote the very same types of values by actively encouraging:


Creating an inspiring work environment that allows staff to expand their horizons and excel at what they do.


Each and every member of staff takes ownership in their dealings as a responsible and reliable ambassador of the organisation.

Attention to detail

Providing the very highest quality of service from start to finish.


As genuine desire and enthusiasm knows no boundaries.


Setting a standard of courage, dedication and vision that others can aspire to achieve.

Innovation and creativity

Gathering great ideas that originate at every level.

Collaboration and teamwork

Harnessing and leveraging the collective strength and capability of groups.


Communicating with people from organisations of all types sizes, be it a potential client, supplier, partner or even a competitor with respect and virtue.

Equality and diversity

Utilising a rich, extensive blend of skills and experience to generate powerful, universal results.

Join RAD

RAD Software® Ltd. is growing and is seeking exceptionally talented, spirited and driven individuals to add to our team.  If you believe you have a passion for customer service, success, fun and would enjoy working with like minded people, then lets have a chat.


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